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 “La Revista Hispanoamericana” is a digital magazine of scientific character published annually by the Royal Hispano American Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters (RAHA).
The idea of publishing a periodic magazine was born with the Academy in 1909 and its main objective was to promote the exchange of scientific and cultural activities of the Americanist community on both sides of the Atlantic. From 1909 to 1933, when publishing was interrupted, the magazine served as a meeting point for the scientific community. Due to the communications deficiencies characteristic of the era, the magazine became a showcase for the dissemination of scientific, literary and artistic works for  Spanish,  American and  Philippine academicians, countries where there were corresponding sites or sections of the Academy.
After this long pause and to commemorate its centenary, the RAHA presents its new edition in digital format. Its purpose is to promote disciplinary and interdisciplinary debates and to gather on its pages the results of those works which can provide clarity to the knowledge of the history and culture of Spanish America and Spanish Filipino history and culture.
The editorial team of the magazine consists of an editorial board composed of RAHA academicians and a scientific council formed by renowned experts, both foreign and Spanish, in various fields.
The content of the magazine consists of two differentiated parts. The first is devoted to the activities of the Corporation carried out during the academic year (lectures, reception speeches, conferences, symposia, monographic courses, publications, call for research awards, etc.).
In the second part, the magazine opens the door to the Americanist scientific community, both Spanish and foreign, and includes the following sections:

1.- ARTICLES, based on original research papers and editorials on Hispanic-American themes.  

2 .- BOOK REVIEWS AND BIBLIOGRAPHY on topics of Spanish-American and Spanish-Filipino interest.

ISSN: 2174-0445

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